Box Sets & Anthologies

Book Dreams Anthology (#1)

Maria Elena has just released a new short story, “Retribution,” in the anthology Book Dreams (Brain to Books Anthology #1).

Here, we present the talents of assorted artists. In this collection you will find short stories, continuations, and poems that encompass the hidden treasures of today’s uprising authors. May their words influence you as much as they have influenced mine.

Authors Include: Ani H. Manjikian, Adam Dreece, W.J. Howard, Toi Thomas, Timothy Bateson, Laura McHale Holland, Ash Krafton, Sanzaki Kojika, Tyrean Martinson, C.T. Callahan, Natash Jackson, Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra, Jeanne Richards, Charlene Jones, Angela B. Chrysler.

You can purchase a copy here.