Hanging Softly in the Night: A Detective Nick Larson Novel Review

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***** Reviewed by USA TODAY Bestselling Author & Retired Homicide Detective, Holly S Roberts on November 22, 2020.

Hanging Softly in the Night by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra takes us on an intriguing investigation with Detective Nick Larson. Unlike most homicide detectives, Nick does not have the stomach for the smell of death and decay and the author gives us an offbeat yet pleasant take in the world of mystery thrillers.

After the murder of a young woman, framed as a suicide, lands on Nick and his partner Vic Socco’s watch, the search to uncover a killer and find justice heats up. Nick, facing his own past and fears, needs to solve the case for the sake of his sanity. Teetering in the shadows, Nick’s love life rests in the hands of Laura, a woman embroiled in her own murderous nightmare.

I loved the step by step investigation and intrigue into the homicide and the real feel of the characters from Detective Larson to each strong supporting cast member described by the author. Hanging Softly in the Night is a great continuation of a thrilling series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The romantic element weaves its own story and keeps you intrigued. A solid five stars for this engaging thriller. 

***** Reviewed By Christopher Anderson on November 20, 2020

In this extremely well-written book, Hanging Softly in the Night by author Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra, we are introduced to Detective Lieutenant Nick Larson from NYPD homicide. Nick and his partner Victor Sacco arrive at the home of a suicide victim. The sight that greets them brings back to Nick’s mind unwanted memories that trouble him greatly. The overall scene does not seem right and Nick’s well-established gut feelings are churning. The scene of the victim, Isabelle Creasy, seems to be somewhat staged but with no evidence or clues, Nick is struggling. The excessive workload caused by a flu epidemic at the precinct is causing Nick and Vic further problems. When they are called to another suicide victim, the scene looks very similar. Could the cases be connected? Follow Nick and Vic and see if the little evidence they gather and the twists and turns that they have to follow take them to the right conclusion.

Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra writes in a way that makes you want to keep reading this action-packed, fast-moving story. The characters she introduces you to are very believable. The rapport between work colleagues draws you into the workplace as if you are a fly on the wall. The victims’ friends, families, and exes produce evidence to follow but some of these are red herrings which the author deliberately puts into the story to make you, the reader, come up with possible suspects that keep your avid interest in this book. The author paints a word picture of the sights, scenes, and descriptive smells so distinctly that you get a mental experience – even if you have not seen it or smelled it before, you know what the author is depicting. This is an extremely well-written book with good characters, and an excellent storyline and overall themes. The title aptly describes the scenes of the victims as the story unfolds. A very good book and I look forward to another by this author.

***** Reviewed By Sherri Fulmer Moorer on November 20, 2020

Detective Nick Larson and his partner, Detective Victor Sacco, are overloaded. New York Police Department’s Sixteenth Precinct in Manhattan is at minimal staff with the flu, and the cases keep pouring in. When Nick is called to an apparent suicide, his instincts immediately tell him that all is not as it appears. There are several small indicators that the victim, a recent divorcee, was actually murdered and staged to look like a suicide by hanging. When more cases hit the precinct, it becomes obvious that they have a serial killer on their hands during a flu outbreak. With few leads and common factors amongst the victims, Nick and Victor are in a race against time to keep the killer from striking again. Hanging Softly in the Night by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra is a thrilling mystery that will keep you turning pages long past bedtime.

I loved this novel! It’s the perfect mix of mystery, police procedural, crime drama, and intrigue that will keep any lover of mystery novels engaged and thrilled. The story keeps unfolding in amazing and interesting ways that keep you guessing – and from guessing who the killer is – until the very end. It’s a captivating novel that reflects not only our current times well but is filled with great characters and the complexity you see in everyday life to create the perfect mystery novel. Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra has crafted a masterful story here that was hard to put down. Hanging Softly in the Night is a must-read for any lover of mystery and suspense novels.

***** Reviewed By Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite on November 18, 2020.

Following his instincts, a homicide detective investigates a suicide and uncovers a serial killer in the thrilling murder mystery novel, Hanging Softly in the Night (A Detective Nick Larson Novel) by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra. When the body of Isabel Creasy is found hanging in her apartment, Detective Nick Larson has the gut feeling that everything isn’t as it seems. Isabel is in the process of moving to a more agreeable residence, and the cosmetic line she is developing is promising high returns. Her life is beginning to take off, she is happy, and she had no visible reason to kill herself. When another suicide occurs, Nick and his partner Sacco start searching for links between Isabel and the new victim. Strangely, what stands out at each crime scene is the lack of any signs of a struggle common with a hanging. Did these people intend to die? Or is there a new kind of serial killer stalking the citizens of Manhattan?

With a psychopathic killer hiding in the background, Hanging Softly in the Night (A Detective Nick Larson Novel) by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra is a brilliant and breathtaking murder mystery. The elements of mystery, murder, and suspense are expertly woven together, creating a gripping crime story. From the very start, I was captivated by the eloquent and horrifying depiction of the first scene. The twists and turns of the plot were so mesmerizing I couldn’t put the book down until I knew who the murderer was and what drove them. With engaging characters, a transfixing plot, and a suspense-filled storyline, the book promises to entertain everyone who enjoys murder mysteries that are intense and exciting from beginning to end!