Expo Rose International Exposition in Grasse

Grasse, France

This city, perched on top of a hill overlooking the valley of Le Plan de Grasse, is the hub of the fragrance industry. This is where essences are distilled for perfumes, soaps, candies (yes, there are rose, violet, and other candies made from the flowers’ petals), candles, and everything perfumed. 
This region still has ‘farms’ of jasmine, mimosa, and roses, but it is the rose that is the queen here. Every year, there is an international exposition of roses at the Fragonard house/museum that is simply exquisite. I have never, ever seen so many variety of roses, so many colors, so many shapes. It is worthwhile going to it. Besides, the setting, the Fragonard house/museum is worth a visit.
I am attaching a photo to this post so that you can look at the program for the year 1990. In the background, you see the bell tower from the 11th century Notre Dame du Puy church in the image of old Grasse.

Hope you enjoy.