Moments of Humor

Many readers have commented that there were moments of humor in the novel, some of them outright funny.  I am sharing one of my favorites.

Desperately wanting to reach the refuge of her home, Gabriela opened the car door, but Richard pulled it shut.
“What the heck?”
Richard nodded toward the terrace.  “Do you usually leave your door unlocked?”
Gabriela followed his gaze.  Her front door was wide open, the curtains fluttering in the soft breeze.  She scanned the area and did not see her husband’s car.  “Oh, God.”
“Wait here.”
“Not on your life,” she told him.  She got out of the BMW before Richard could stop her again and ran up the terrace steps.  Richard dragged her against the wall and flattened her body with his own.  Small tremors shook her, affecting him in a way he did not want to consider.  He scanned her face quickly and recognized anger rather than fear.
“Are you insane?”  His whisper was rough.  “This could be a set up.”
“And allow this sack of refuse to violate my home undisturbed?”  She pushed at him.  “No way.”
“Listen.”  Richard refused to budge.  “We are at a slight disadvantage here.  I don’t have a gun.”
“But I have knives.  The kitchen is at the end of this room, remember?”
Richard looked at her stubborn jaw, her defiant eyes, and could not decide whether to admire her for her courage or to scoff at her utter lack of common survival sense.  “You stick to me…”
“Like fly paper.”