More to Smile about…

I loved writing this scene.  Hope you enjoy the humor in it (I’ve left a few things out so as to not spoil certain things, hoping you will read the novel).

  “Damn it,” he snapped.  “Never take your eyes away from your target unless you want to get killed!”
   Gabriela saw red.  She rounded on him, her eyes turning into a molten gold of heat and anger.  “And how the hell am I supposed to react, damn it!  Like I’m sniper material?  For your information, Mr. Harrison, the only dangerous things I’ve ever handled have been kitchen knives and India ink!
 I’ve never held a damn gun in my hand […]  So back off!  What the hell do you want from me?”
   They stared at each other until Richard’s eyes began crinkling, his features softening into a smile.
   “Don’t you dare laugh, Richard Harrison,” she spat out, doubly furious.  “It’s not damn funny!”
   “But it is, my dear Gabriela Martinez.”  He stepped close to her.  “You look like an avenging goddess.  The only thing you’re missing is Zeus’s thunderbolt to strike me dead.  Or would you prefer your rolling pin?”
   She glared at him, but the mirth in his eyes was contagious and she couldn’t stay angry.  She burst out in nervous laughter, shaking her head.  “I could strangle you,” she told him truthfully.
   “Punching is much better.  Here.”  He pointed to a spot on the arm.  “Fire away.”
   She looked at him, considering the offer, but shook her head.
   “Truce.  Besides, I’d probably hurt myself punching you.”