Cimiez – My setting for the French Intelligence bldg.

Dear All:

Sorry about the delay in posting, but have had to deal with personal issues that have backed me up in everything.  Such is life.

In one chapter of the novel, Richard takes Gabriela to a building that is supposedly the French Intelligence Bldg. in the area.  No such thing exists (at least, not that I know since I created it), but I did use this area of Nice because it fit perfectly into my plot.

Cimiez is on a very hilly section of Nice, toward the north, and I had seen houses and other buildings there whose back yards almost touched the mountains–and that fit my plot perfectly.  I am not going to write a spoiler for this, but for those interested (and those who’ve read my novel) you will find it in chapter 13.

I have attached a map of Cimiez and an overview picture of the area.