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Like I posted yesterday, Richard, one of the characters in my novel, spends a couple of days sightseeing in Nice and its environs.  The attached pictures are part of what he saw.
Nice has a hill, Castle Hill (or le Montée du Châteaux, or la Colline du Châteaux in French), between the city and the harbor, where one can climb and see the roman ruins of the original city.  It is a beautiful walk (be ready, it is a workout), with a surrounding park, small cascade, and, once in the ruins, beautiful mosaics.  The view of the city and Mediterranean below from that vantage point is spectacular.
Hope this helps you “tourist” the place yourself, like Richard did.

Cascade on way to the ruined Roman city.

Original mosaics from the ruins.

Vantage point view of Nice and the Mediterranean.

2 thoughts on “More Info on Nice”

  1. I am so glad, Painting it Bright Pink. It was a place we visited quite often when we were living there, especially with the children, being so small at that time. They loved it.
    I thought it would be a wonderful thing to include it in the novel as one of my characters, Richard, explores the area. Although, in the novel, I don't go into much detail, I wanted my readers to appreciate what he saw and expand on the knowledge of the region.

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