I’m Back – Hiatus Over

This was an extremely satisfying hiatus.  Shared memories with old friends, attended the graduation of my former students, made new friends, and signed  novels.  There is nothing better.
I will begin posting as of today.

In chapter two of the novel, Richard
reconnoiters the city of Antibes, as well as Nice.  Old Antibes is incredibly quaint and I would take my sons there, especially to ride the old carrousel at the plaza.  But it has quite a few things to offer:  great restaurants, the Picasso museum, the old ramparts, the church of the Immaculate Conception, very old streets with great shops, and the Grimaldi Castle.  The port is full of yachts that make you envious (they are truly rich homes on the water).  From the ramparts, you can see Fort Carré, as you look toward Nice.  Antibes also boasts one of the places around the area to have an actual sandy beach.  Usually, many beaches in the area have rock instead of sand.
In the more modern Antibes, there is a section of road that is full of antiquaries.  This is where Richard, my character, selected the pieces he would send home.

Old Antibes, with the Pre-Maritime Alps as backdrop

One of the many small streets in old Antibes

Old Antibes, as seen from the port.  Look at all those pricey boats (some are as big as ships)

The carrousel where my sons used to ride

Fort Carre

Entrance to the Immaculate Conception church