Old Europe Elevators

Some people have asked me if the scene in chapter two, with Richard being cramped in the elevator, is real…
When my character describes the following:  “A spiral staircase encircled an old elevator encased in an intricate, handcrafted iron grille, painted a soft white.  Richard opened the glass door and squeezed into the small space sideways, his body almost filling the entire elevator.  He sighed.  Remnants of old Europe were a bit on the small side for him.  He got out on the second floor, thinking he would take the stairs next time,” he is correct.  Older buildings in Nice have extremely small elevators.  Some can’t hold more than two people at a time.  I’ve been in quite a few of them throughout France.

The attached photograph is an elevator similar to what I described in this scene.

Similar elevator I describe in the scene in chapter two of novel.  The actual elevator space is the middle door.