How Gabriela Sees Richard

Ah, yes, Richard.

Gabriela was surprised that an American was on her doorstep.  There was no doubt—his tall frame, his strong features, and his casual, arrogant stance.  For a moment, she thought it might be one of her husband’s coworkers recently arrived from the States, but she rejected the idea immediately.  Roberto would have warned her.  Besides, his coworkers never looked like the man standing a couple of feet before her.  He was lean, yet muscular, and he was quite handsome, she thought, inspecting him casually with an artist’s eye for beauty.  His light brown hair fell carelessly over a wide forehead; a straight, aquiline nose preceded a full mouth, framed by a strong jaw-line; and the man had remarkable eyes of gray-blue.  Quite remarkable indeed, she thought.  She must remember to use them in her illustrations.