How Richard Sees Gabriela

As I said, the first time he saw her the attraction was brutal, like a gut punch.  Then… “Is it gone?” “Yes.  It’s over, for now.” She opened her eyes and looked at him, tears welling up inside them.  “Is it okay if I cry now?”  Without waiting for an answer, she burrowed her head … Read more

How Gabriela Sees Richard

Ah, yes, Richard. Gabriela was surprised that an American was on her doorstep.  There was no doubt—his tall frame, his strong features, and his casual, arrogant stance.  For a moment, she thought it might be one of her husband’s coworkers recently arrived from the States, but she rejected the idea immediately.  Roberto would have warned … Read more

About the Novel

France, 1993.Gabriela Martinez has a problem to solve: she strongly suspects that her mentor and friend wants her as his mistress, her husband is increasingly neglecting her, and her latest illustration has been ruined. But while going to her favorite thinking spot in La Marbriére, the mountain overlooking her home in the Côte d’Azur, Gabriela … Read more