Some Fun

Will begin work soon with a cover artist for my second novel, The Book of Hours. That made me consider revamping The Coin and coming up with a new cover as well. The new cover is awesome, as my students used to say. I will be showing it to you soon.
In turn, since I have to reformat everything because of it, and I had to revisit the novel, this got me to thinking about my main characters and who could play them in film, if it ever does get picked up (wishful thinking, but, hey, never hurts to dream).
So…here are my choices: Gemma Arterton for Gabriela and/or Henry Cavill/Chris Hemsworth for Richard. For those who read the novel, please post your own choices with pics. Love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Some Fun”

  1. I agree that Gemma Arterton would be a good Gabriela, but I'm not sure about Chris Hemsworth as Richard. Henry Cavill is closer to what I had pictured him to look like.

    Also, really excited to hear more about The Book of Hours 😀

  2. Hi, Nights.
    I liked the coloring of Chris Hemsworth, and he can act the part, but I am a sucker for Henry Cavill. It's the eyes, the eyes.
    So that you know, Gabriela and Richard are at it already, and things are hopping. Writing the final third of the novel and things are getting quite complicated. Can't say more. Soon, soon.
    Keep in touch. Love to hear from you.

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