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I am extremely excited to share my blog with you, which is dedicated to my award-winning, written work, The Coin, The Book of Hours, and The Fish Tank: And Other Short Stories.  My novels are romantic suspense. The first, The Coin, is set in the Côte d’Azur, France (where I lived for five years) and where the action of the novel takes place.
The Coin was a labor of love from the very beginning, especially after creating the characters of Richard and Gabriela.  The story was born out of an outing with my children while hiking the mountains near my home in Grasse.  That day, I did find several coins in a clearing abutting a path.  It sparked the ‘what if’ scenario and the rest is, as they say, the novel. My next novel, The Book of Hours, is set in California and in London. The third one, a short story collection, is another labor of love, especially the section “Soul Songs” which are based on my own journey as an exile from Cuba.
Use this blog to ask questions about the regions, about the characters, about the plot and how I came up with the ideas.  Show your enthusiasm.  Post pictures of the area, if you know them or have visited them.  Share with friends your thoughts about the chapters, or the short stories, but I will ask all of you a favor:  No spoilers!
Come visit!  Visit often and stay in tune for the progress of my next book, Hanging Softly in the Night: A Detective Nick Larson thriller.
Good reading!!
Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra

6 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog!!!”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed The Coin, the characters are engaging and beautifully flawed. It added complexity to the story, changing it from an average formulaic suspense/romance to a satisfying experience. May I say (without spoiling anything) I loooved Richard. Please when is the next novel being published. Hurry!!!!!

  2. I am so looking forward to reading The Coin, especially after seeing photos of the area and reading the 'story behind the story'. The blog looks fabulous!


  3. Thank you, Laura! I wanted the readers to share my experiences of the region and help them visualize the setting as they read. So happy you enjoyed the "story behind the story." I hope that information, and the pictures, add an additional layer of depth to the action. It always made me enjoy the books I read more if I knew something about the setting and the background to the novels.

  4. Knowing or visualizing the area helps us to immerse in the story. Thanks for posting the photos, they remind me of my last visit to the south of France, it is a beautiful area.

  5. I have to say that your facility with settings is so strong, I had no need of photos to enhance my experience. While reading The Coin, I truly felt as if I were there because your descriptions are so vivid. After visiting your lovely blog and viewing your pictures, I can honestly say it feels like I'd ALREADY seen them! Nicely done!

  6. Thank you, Jaime, for those words. They are manna to me and to every writer out there who struggles to make things vivid for the reader. I am very, very happy you felt that you were there with my words and that the blog pictures added even more to your experience.

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