Humor and Another Character

Apart from Richard and Gabriela, another of my favorite characters in the novel is Maurice Nôret, Richard’s counterpart in French intelligence.  I had a blast creating him, especially his idiosyncracies, his cynicism, and dry humor.  This is the first encounter with Richard. “Drop the apologies.  Seldon requested priority one, and when you’re given priority one … Read more

More to Smile about…

I loved writing this scene.  Hope you enjoy the humor in it (I’ve left a few things out so as to not spoil certain things, hoping you will read the novel).   “Damn it,” he snapped.  “Never take your eyes away from your target unless you want to get killed!”   Gabriela saw red.  She rounded … Read more

Moments of Humor

Many readers have commented that there were moments of humor in the novel, some of them outright funny.  I am sharing one of my favorites. Desperately wanting to reach the refuge of her home, Gabriela opened the car door, but Richard pulled it shut.“What the heck?”Richard nodded toward the terrace.  “Do you usually leave your … Read more