Old Europe Elevators

Some people have asked me if the scene in chapter two, with Richard being cramped in the elevator, is real…When my character describes the following:  “A spiral staircase encircled an old elevator encased in an intricate, handcrafted iron grille, painted a soft white.  Richard opened the glass door and squeezed into the small space sideways, … Read more

I’m Back – Hiatus Over

This was an extremely satisfying hiatus.  Shared memories with old friends, attended the graduation of my former students, made new friends, and signed  novels.  There is nothing better.I will begin posting as of today. In chapter two of the novel, Richard reconnoiters the city of Antibes, as well as Nice.  Old Antibes is incredibly quaint … Read more

A Little Trivia…

In the novel, Richard asks Gabriela where she found the coin.  She replies:“…At the summit, there is a stone table with an orientation map indicating all the interesting spot visible–on good days, mind you.”The mountainous areas of France, full of intersecting hiking trails, have many of these orientation tables peppering their peaks.  The views, on … Read more

La Route Napoleon

On the second chase scene, Richard and Gabriela are in what is known as the Route Napoleon, between Grasse and St. Vallier de Thiey.The Route Napoleon is called such because, after Napoleon left Elba, he landed near Nice and marched, supposedly triumphant, via this road in 1815.  He, of course, was then defeated at Waterloo … Read more

More setting on the novel — Cagnes-sur-Mer

In the novel, Gabriela is driven home by Richard after learning something critical that will affect her life.  On her way there, she observes:  “… they zoomed by the walled city of Cagnes-sur-Mer, perched on the hill like an eagle’s nest on a telephone pole.”The city of Cagnes-sur-Mer looks like a eagle’s eyrie when traveling … Read more

More setting in the novel — Bories

In Chapter 20 of the novel, Gabriela describes the following:  “the forest abruptly ended at a small expanse of pasture.  A cone-shaped stone hut emerged incongruously from its center, the rickety, slab door hanging crookedly from decaying hinges.”She is referring to a borie–a dry-stone hut structure familiar to the landscape of the Alpes Maritimes and … Read more